- Early 2007 -

Melody got a new Disney Princess bicycle from Grandma Carhart for Christmas...
...that she loves to take out to ride.

Sliding and playing is also an important part of starting 2007 out right.
Melody loves to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's the Irish blood on Mommy's side of the family, you know.

- Melody's Third Birthday -

Melody is the undisputed princess at her third birthday party.
She looked forward to her birthday for months and
was so happy when the day finally came.

Melody's cousin Violet showed up first and the two of them built block castles together.
Soon her other cousins, Eli and Zoe, arrived and they all made a train together.

On her actual birthday, Mommy and Daddy took Melody to Disneyland... Daddy provided a very good view.
And when Princess Melody wanted, her special carriage was available to take her around The Park.

But sometimes Melody likes to drive herself around... especially when she can borrow a car from Toontown.
The "Partners" statue is a great place for Melody and her Disneyland "partner" to survey the "lands."

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